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About Vagabond

The Home of a Modern Vagabond.

Each new Vagabond Shoemakers Collection is about maintaining our long-term take on style and quality. A new collection comes alive through a rigorous design and prototyping process which takes place in our studio in Varberg. For us, it’s about continually moving forward, being bold and trying new paths. Always searching; we are modern vagabonds.

 We Are Designers  A new collection starts by creating the last; the shape of the shoe. It is the last that defines the silhouette, the toe shape and the fit. Next, the last is paired with the outsole, which is developed parallel to it. The combination of these key elements creates the general look, and is the backbone of our design. Our uppers, colours and structures are born from inspiration, and we find that everywhere — in film, architecture, art and music. And above all, we are inspired by the people we meet every day.

We Are Craftspeople The design is then carried out by our skilled craftspeople working in-house — cutting, stitching and constructing a full-scale prototype. Great attention is paid to the choice of materials and construction methods. And when modifications are needed, we work together in the studio to make these happen until we are 100% satisfied. The sum of all the details and choices in our design and construction processes is what makes our shoes exceptional.

A Shoemaker’s Story  The Vagabond brand was founded in Sweden in 1973. We’ve been on the move ever since. In 1993 Vagabond International AB was founded, gathering a unique mix of shoe design competence under one roof. Today there are two million shoes & accessories on display worldwide each year. Being able to fully own our ideas, and the skills needed to implement them, makes us extremely proud and inspired to continue on our shoemaker’s journey.